2021 Flanders Make scientific conference

Flanders Expo Ghent/Virtual
Flanders Expo

Event address

Virtual OR:
Maaltekouter 1
9051 Ghent

Extra remarks

For researchers, by researchers


On February 4, 2021 the first Flanders Make Scientific Conference will be held. By means of core lab presentation, poster sessions, and tutorials we want you (a) to get to know the research being done in other core-labs, and (b) to provide a form to network with the 600+ researcher who work at Flanders Make. Indeed, this is an internal conference organized for researchers, by researchers

We warmly invite you to contribute to the success of this conference by presenting your research by means of a poster. Please contact your core-lab manager to place your contribution on the list. We will provide you with a template so that you only need to focus on the content.

We also want to emphasize that we are committed in organizing a Covid-19 safe event. For example, to guarantee the necessary distance more than 2700 square meters of space are reserved at Flanders Expo Ghent. A virtual setting is also considered if the number of infections remain high and/or governmental restrictions are in place.


We take all the necessary Covid-19 protection measures. Your safety is our main concern.  We work with mandatory registrations and limit the number of attendees. Poster sessions will be organised in small groups.


What: 2021 Flanders Make Scientific Conference

When: 4 February 2021

Where: Flanders Expo Ghent / Virtual


  • Tom Munters (General Chair)
  • Lieven De Meyer (General Co-Chair)
  • Hans Vangheluwe (Honorary Chair)
  • Joris De Schutter (Honorary Chair)
  • Dirk Lefeber (Honorary Chair)
  • Sorin Bengea (Program Chair)
  • Dries Hollebekkers (Operational Chair)
  • Ken Vanherpen (Publicity Chair)
  • Claus Claeys (Vehicle/Machine Presentation Chair)
  • Asad Tirmizi (Flexible Assembly Presentation Chair)
  • Matteo Kirchner
  • Konstantinos Gryllias
  • Jürgen Van Erps
  • Pieter Nguyen Phuc
  • Jun Qian
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Thomas Geury
  • Florian Verbelen
  • Nick De Bie
  • Elahe Bagheri
  • Karel Bauters
  • Maarten Wijnants
  • Thomas Callens
Flanders Expo Ghent/Virtual